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What is EchoesWhat is Echoes

Echoes is a (let's make up a term) "Real-time topic mashup homepage".


Well, our objective is to automate the generation of usefull and relevant homepages for any topic search.

This homepages are built using several different APIs, semantic web resources, and user-generated-content.

Yes, there are several simillar and great services available, but we believe we can add value to the concept.

Our twists are:

1) User-generated-content

For each topic homepage, users can submit their own knowledge of the topic in the form of:

- RSS Feeds relevant to the topic

- Comments

- Usefull links

- Add tags to create topic relationships

This way, each topic homepage will be more usefull and relevant to other users.

2) Mashup relevancy according to intent

Echoes will provide ways to segment widgets and results according to user intent.

Users will then easely navigate trough results in a more efficient and pleasant way.

Intent might be things like: Travel, Shop, Images and Videos, Social Media, etc.

That's our mission. We hope you can join us.